Heeney-Sundquist Funeral Home
23720 Farmington Road
Farmington, MI 48336

A Wonderful Experience (5 stars plus)

The staff at Heeney-Sundquist is caring, compassionate and gifted.  So often you hear of high pressure sales and feelings of guilt in planning a funeral.  I felt none of these things.  Chris & Geoff made me feel good about what I was doing, gave me options and allowed me to take my time choosing.  I cannot recall the last time I have received such exceptional service.  It was obvious to me that the staff loves what they are doing and wants to help others.  How fortunate you are to have found such a dedicated team of people and to set an industry standard that is second to none.  There is no doubt in my mind where I will go for future funeral arrangements.  

Thanks to all of you and God bless.

The Family of Paul Archer

Dear Mark,

My family and I would like to extend our sincerest appreciation for the outstanding service we received from you and all your staff at the passing of my father, Aldo Vagnozzi.  What became apparent to us throughout, is that you treated us like family members.  Your caring and concern was so obviously genuine, helping to ease our grief at the loss of our father.

Every detail was handled perfectly, right down to the fresh flowers in the outside planters in March!  We didn't have to deal with all the little things, which allowed us to greet the many visitors and listen to their wonderful stories about my dad.  All along the way you took care of any complications without burdening us.  Even the last minute arrival of the larger than life-sized portrait was managed in such a way that it seemed planned.  You also offered welcome suggestions and affirmation, yet were totally willing to carry out our wishes.

We have received so many compliments on the arrangements and your incredible facility.  We were especially grateful for the ability to go downstairs to regroup and recharge in a relaxing environment.  What a relief to have such a beautiful place to eat, and for family and friends to visit and offer support.

The treatment we received was no surprise to us, as you handled my mother's funeral nine years ago in the same dignified manner.  And yet, you recognized that we had to take care of this funeral alone, giving an extra dose of support when needed.  Concern was shown for the cost as well, even though that was the furthest thing from our minds at the time.

You and your staff were so very respectful to my father.  One memory I will hold dear to my heart is the utmost care you took placing the Aldo t-shirt and scrabble tiles before closing the casket.  You demonstrated how truly important you knew these items were to us, and helped all of us to say goodbye.

This was a great tribute to a great man.  All I can say is, what a glorious send-off!  My dad would have felt so honored and proud.  Thanks again for everything.

Sincerely, Steven, Paul, Nancy and Barb, and all the members of the Aldo Vagnozzi family

Dear Mr. Ziegler,
Bob and I and the family of Marion Shaw want to express our appreciation for the excellent service you provided before and after Marion's death.  It was not just the preplanning that impressed us.  It was those extra touches such as the warm and friendly greeting at the door, the beauty of your home, the way you loved children, and the obvious caring touch of those who prepared Marion's body for burial that made this experience a pleasant one.  There are many choices today in funeral service, but the old established reputation of Heeney-Sundquist continues to have the highest quality care.

Marion had great confidence in you, and if there was any way that she could have pulled back the corner of heaven to watch, she would have been pleased with this last celebration of a life well lived.

Aletha M. Kutschke

Dear Mark,

I don't know where to begin to thank you and your staff for everything you did to assist us during the recent death of my father, Howard Gray.  I have never met anyone quite like you - we thought it, you made it happen!  You took care of everything for us: the flowers, the obituary, the food, setting up the continuous running DVD, and I could go on and on.  But I want to thank you for doing what seemed impossible - sponsoring the luncheon at the Huron River Hunt Club.  That was one of my dad's favorite places to eat.  He would rave about it every time he was invited there.  A couple of weeks before he died, he said to me, "I want my funeral luncheon to be the best.  Don't skimp, I want it done right."  That's how my dad lived his life - if you're not going to do it right, don't do it at all. 

I'm glad you had an opportunity to meet my amazing father, and I'm sure you have never met anyone quite like him.  People can't believe it when I tell them how my dad had his two previous deceased wives' remains moved to Glen Eden to be with him and Beulah. Even as a Funeral Director, you have to admit that was rather unusual.  As crazy as it was, you made it possible and it seemed to give him a great sense of peace that he was doing the right thing.

Thank you for assisting us through one of the saddest times in our family's life by treating our family with compassion, excellence, honor and dignity - all the things my dad valued.  We will be forever grateful.

Christine Crownover, the Howard E. Gray Family

I am writing this letter to especially thank you for all your help and support in taking care of Alice Clapp.

Alice Clapp had been with the Baptist Manor for over two decades and was more kin than resident.  Through the whole situation, is was good to know that there were people like you that were looking after her case and making sure the right thing was done.  For that, we are truly appreciative.

The Baptist Manor would also like to thank Heeney-Sundquist for their compassion and efficiency in handling Alice Clapp's last rites.

Jyothi M. Joseph, Baptist Manor

On behalf of myself, my father and our family, I want to extend our thanks and deep appreciation for the absolutely outstanding service you provided us in a very difficult time.

My dad and I could not have been more pleased at the professionalism, attention to detail, and overall positive environment that your funeral home projects.  At every step of the process  of my momís funeral, our needs were met and our expectations exceeded.

I want to especially thank you for going beyond the call of duty in pointing out a substantial overcharge at the cemetery for the headstone we initially purchased and then actually going with my father to Woodland Cemetery last week and correcting the contract.  This ultimately saved my dad $2,000.  This kind of a customer care is unfortunately, almost unheard of today. 

I just donít expect this kind of service and am still amazed that you went out of your way to do this.

Again, please accept our thanks for doing so much to make such a difficult time easier and going out of your way to help our family save a meaningful amount of money that my dad will use for day-to-day expenses.

Kindest regards, Paul Russinoff

I cannot begin to thank you for the care shown to my family around the services for my father-in-law, Kenneth Clarke, last week.  We were all more than pleased. 
In trying to figure out how I wanted to express myself I ran across the statement on your website: "Formal enough to be respectful, relaxed enough to be comfortable".  That describes our experience perfectly!

I am very appreciative of the professionalism expressed by you and the Heeney-Sundquist Funeral Home staff, and I am deeply appreciative of the compassion expressed by you and the staff.  There did not appear to by any detail, or request, that was an imposition to you. 

While I have officiated at several hundred funeral services - this is the closest one in several years - and it was the hardest for me.  You were just always available - even just to chat.  I am deeply indebted to you for making a very difficult time more comfortable for me, personally.  Thank you. 

I would never hesitate to recommend you and Heeney-Sundquist in the slightest.  In fact, I am trying to figure out a way to switch my mother's service to Heeney-Sundquist when the time comes...

Rev. Robert D. Taylor

Dear Mark,

Just a quick note to say thanks for a job well done.  You and your staff were such a pleasure to work with.  We appreciated your suggestions and your professionalism.  Heeney- Sundquist is such a wonderful place - so many beautiful antiques and great history - especially for our family.

Thanks too, for all the special touches like the "Taps" Military Bugle Call.  You thought of everything!

All I can say is that you have a special and unique way of taking a very sad and difficult situation and making it comfortable and memorable.

With sincerity and great thanks,

Tom Scanlon & the entire Scanlon Family


I know you probably hear this all the time, thank you for your compassion.  I know we only sat in front of you for a few minutes but the warmth, kindness and calmness of your demeanor comforted me even through my tears.  You are a gifted man.  Thank You.  Thank You.

The family of Baby Gensheimer-Jamieson

Dear Mark,

I know that I have said it many times over the last week or so, however, it is important that I say it again, on behalf of my family and my father's memory.  Our dad made a wonderful choice in trusting Heeney-Sundquist and you, in particular, when our mother passed away in 1992.  We didn't think anyone could make her look as beautiful as we knew she was.  You did.  These many years later, we were grateful to know that Dad chose you for his services.  To Dad, and to us, that was one decision that was a forgone conclusion. 

Once again, you have gone "A.B.C.D. for our family"..."Above and Beyond the Call of Duty".  Dad looked absolutely wonderful.  Don't know how you do it...don't want to know.  We are just happy to know you do it so well.  

Thank you, Mark, for the honor and respect you convey and the graciousness, kindness, professionalism and attention to detail in every respect.  So many wonderful choices you gave and the "we'll take care of it" manner in every tiny detail.  You helped send dad out in a grand, true-to-his-nature way...just as he would have wanted.  I believe that to the depths of my being.  Thanks to you.  You truly epitomize my description of my Dad as "generous".

Thank you, Mark, and your wonderful staff, for making such a difficult time easier for the whole Burke family...for making everything "perfect".  God bless you and your family. 

Warmest regards,

Pattye Burke-Devine, the William Burke Family

Dear Mark,

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. You treated my mother, Lenore Nichols, like she was your own mother, and myself and my wife were made to feel like we were part of your family.  You are the most compassionate man I have ever had the privilege to meet.  I can say with complete honesty that you are the most perfect person for the profession you have chosen. Thank you for being the person you are. God Bless you and your family.


Tracy and Debra Ellis

The overall level of service was superb, starting with the initial funeral planning session for my Mom's funeral, my follow-up phone calls, Mom's viewing and finally the funeral and cemetery.

Kris Baldwin, who handled a large portion of Mom's funeral, was extremely professional, compassionate, helpful and knowledgeable.  I shared with Kris that Mom had been in hospice when she died and had lost weight and suffered.  My wish for Mom was that she look beautiful and elegant, and Mom looked even more beautiful and elegant than I had hoped.  Thank you, Kris.  

Everyone we came in contact with at Heeney-Sundquist was professional, kind and available to support in so many ways.  For example, Chris (Kitzman) located a frame for me to use because I forgot to bring one for a picture for Mom.  I also needed a candy dish for chocolate kisses that I brought because they were Mom's favorites - but I had unfortunately forgotten the candy dish.  Chris helped out again. 

Chris called in a dinner order for my family and friends the evening of Mom's viewing.   Trish answered numerous questions for me and, following the funeral, loaded some of the funeral flower arrangements into my car but not before lining the back of my car with plastic so the carpeting wouldn't be soiled by any dirt that spilled while was transporting the flowers to my deceased Mom's assisted living facility.  

Losing my Mom was difficult, and Kris and everyone at Heeney-Sundquist provided guidance, kindness, compassion and support.  Thanks to one and all from the bottom of my heart. 

I would recommend Heeney-Sundquist without reservation.

With gratitude,

Lynn DeLap

Dear Mr. Ziegler,

On behalf of Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School and Parish, we take this opportunity to express our sincerest appreciation for your generous contribution to the Saints for Tomorrow Fund.  We are deeply grateful for your support and generosity.

It is through the support of individuals like you that we are able to continue to strengthen and support the excellent Catholic education we offer to so many young people who will live to inspire and serve others in the world. 

We thank God for your generous heart and ask that you pray for the success and viability of our school, as we will be praying for you.  When we all work together in God's name all thing are possible.

Sincerely Yours,

Rev. Mark S. Brauer, Pastor, and Mrs. Ann Whitfield, Principal

Dear Mark,

On behalf of the Farmington/Farmington Hills Foundation for Youth and Families, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your contribution for the Back Pack Program. 

You may have heard that, due to need, the program is set to expand to all elementary schools in the Farmington Public School District in the 2014-2015 school year.  So your generosity is very timely. 

Your support of the Farmington/Farmington Hills Foundation is what allows us to continue the work we do in the community and it is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Eunice Jeffries  

Hello Mark,
I wanted to drop a line by you and let you now that the experience we had with Geoffrey Young was exceptional. This was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do and Geoff was an absolute professional throughout the entire process. I cannot even fathom the type of industry that you serve and the time when you are dealing with your customers happens to be during what is the most emotional of times. I am a middle school teacher and I know the importance of positive feedback. You have got a good one in Geoff. Thank you for the outstanding service.
Jim Baker (son of Frederick A. Baker)

Dear Mark and family at Heeney-Sundquist,
I am compelled to send what cannot be an adequate expression of gratitude for the care and service you've provided to the Trevisan family in 2014. It's been a tough year. Losing my brother Roger in July was catastrophic and you masterfully guided Suzann and the rest of us through, and facilitated, a process we struggled to navigate. When my father, Roy, passed last Wednesday, I was admittedly pleased to see you, not because of the reason you were at the house, but because I knew you'd take care of Roy and our family with the utmost  care.
Heeney-Sundquist melded services seemlessly with Our Lady of Sorrows and Holy Sepulchre cemetery. You attended to Mary, the entire family, and all those who attended services with genuine warmth and the utmost professionalism (even much welcomed humor at times - after all, we've gotten to know one another a bit this year). Finally, you honored my father, Roy's life, with great reverence and care through his preparation, presentation, and transition to his final resting place. As you said, it is an honor to be entrusted with such responsibility. Everyone with whom I had contact at Heeney-Sundquist carried themselves as though they've been called on to attend to those who've passed and everyone dear to them.
Mark and All, on behalf of the Trevisan family, thank you for  all you've done and everything you do. May we not meet formally for some time to come, but may we exchange smiles in passing soon. 
Sincerely and with warmest regards,

Dan Trevisan - loving brother of Roger and son of Roy

Hey Trish,

Thank you. I greatly appreciate your time, willingness and prompt communication. I spend a great deal of time on the phone working with people through all sorts of odd struggles, however, I can only wish all of my interactions were as seamless and as effective as ours was today. You went above and beyond and Heeney-Sundquist hopefully has you training others as your phone demeanor and ability to finish strong are readily apparent.

Nate G.