Heeney-Sundquist Funeral Home
23720 Farmington Road
Farmington, MI 48336


A Warm Greeting to You~

The Heeney-Sundquist Funeral Home, locally and family-owned, has been providing funeral and cremation services for the greater Farmington area since 1850. Our training and generations of experience have prepared us to help reassure and understand those who face the loss of someone special, even in the most complicated or high-profile situations.

We pride ourselves on a 165 year tradition of value a wonderful combination of unmatched service and fair pricing, and would consider it a privilege to be your funeral or cremation provider.  Our convenient, central location in beautiful downtown Farmington makes us the closest funeral home to both Holy Sepulchre and Glen Eden Cemeteries, and only a few blocks from Farmington's historic Oakwood Cemetery. Our family is available 24 hours a day and welcome calls anytime, day or night.

For those who have not had a previous experience with Heeney-Sundquist, and are in a situation where a funeral home decision is necessary, please consider reviewing our customer testimonials.  Unsolicited, real customer comments are frequently the most honest critiques of our service, and therefore most informative to a potential new client.   

Quite simply, we are your friends. We sit next to you at church. We see each other walking through town or at the Founder's Day parade. We tend to our lawns and head up north on the weekends together. We live, work, and play together. We may not know each other yet, but we are your neighbors...and will care for you as only a good neighbor can.

Mark Ziegler